Why You Need a Transaction Coordinator

Real Estate is not an easy business and it can be challenging to establish a work-life balance. You deserve to treat your limited time as the valuable asset it really is.


By hiring Lawson Property Solutions as your Transaction  Coordinator, you will free up time so you can focus on getting homes sold. Let us deal with chasing down signatures and organizing disclosures. 

Legal Research and Writing

Wouldn't it be nice to spend less time doing paperwork?! If you don't have to keep up to date on the paperwork you can spend more time building your business

It also means you will have more time to prospect and make more money! Isn't that why you became a real estate agent in the first place?

Checking Text on a Document

Think you can't afford to hire a Transaction Coordinator?  

Some agents add the fee to the buyer or seller contract. Other agents prefer to absorb the cost and pay it out of their commission. In either case, the fee can be added to the Commission Disbursement Authorization or a bill can be submitted to the Title Company prior to closing. 



There is no cancellation fee. Cancellations are going to happen from time to time and we completely understand. We don't get paid until you get paid.  

We know your business is very important to you and it's important to us, too.  Our commitments to you:


*Your clients are treated with the utmost respect.

*Call are returned in no more than 2 hours

* Emails responses are addressed the same day.

*We are not just paper pushers but an engaged and involved partner to help you succeed.


*Weekly or daily reports as needed.

* Broker is included in all correspondence unless instructed not to include.


*All your documents are uploaded to a secure website for 24/7 password protected access.

*All communications are treated with confidentiality.

* Software is updated regularly for security updates.


*With 5 years in real estate industry Cheryl is current on all the regulatory and DORA requirements.

* Cheryl also has 20+ years in Mortgage industry so she understand all the mortgage lingo and paperwork.